DC&G primary focus on Venture Capital are seed capital transactions.
These transactions mainly depend on our professional assessment of the merits of a typically new or revolutionary idea to be implemented in a major OECD market or the implementation of an established US practice overseas.

Preferred Industry Areas:

Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and software applications in the U.S.

Luxury businesses in Western Europe

International deals that deliver cost advantages between countries with the same quality of service or product.

Asset Management
Private Equity

Selected opportunities in Argentina.

The strategy of DC&G is based on the fact that risk can be diversified -as empirically proven by Nobel Laureates Miller and Modigliani- and therefore, a superior return on investment depends on two factors: 1) Creating a portfolio that does not exceed a certain number of diversified assets, beyond which the cost of offsetting risk increases to negatively affect returns; and 2) Acquiring assets mispriced by the market, relative to their risk and potential, primarily due to the market's inability to assess the technology, the complexities of a given market, or the managerial capabilities required.

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