DC&G specializes in private equity transactions in Latin America, with particular emphasis in the Mercosur countries.

For Financial Investors DC&G:

Identifies specific investment opportunities with considerable competitive advantages.

Evaluates the investment targets and helps negotiate the terms of the investment subsequent to due diligence.

Structures and negotiates unique direct investments with adequate corporate governance, reporting and valuation controls.

Asset Management
Venture Capital

For Corporations and Business Owners DC&G:

Obtains capital for expansion, acquisitions, management buy-outs and buy-ins, turnarounds and re-financings.

Arranges for the management team to become equity shareholders.

Searches for financial investors thus reducing the conflict inherent in approaching trade competitors.

During a Typical Engagement DC&G:

Assists with financial projections and values the company.

Determines the amount of capital to be raised, structuring the combination of securities and senior or subordinated debt.


Develops a comprehensive term sheet and prepares a private placement memorandum.

Markets the deal to institutional investors and negotiates its terms.

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