Daniel H. Cosentino
Prior to founding DC&G, Mr. Cosentino, age 59, served as International Director of Capital Markets Argentina, acting as investment advisor to Morgan Stanley, Dillon Read, ANZ Merchant Bank and several hedge funds dedicated to emerging markets. Prior to joining Capital Markets, Mr. Cosentino served as Controller for South East Asia at Schlumberger Ltd. an international leader in the oil field services industry, with responsibility for 15 countries in the region.

Board of Advisors

He participated in the acquisition and divestiture of several companies based in the U.S., Canada and South America and he designed the legal, tax, and treasury structure for operations in several countries in Latin America. Mr. Cosentino began his career at Arthur Andersen, is a Certified Public Accountant in Argentina, holds a Masters Degree in International Management from The American Graduate School of International Management in Arizona and is a graduate from Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Joaquín Polito
Director, Business Development
Mr. Polito, aged 54, is a founder of TIP Inc., a company that facilitates the search of audiovisual content over the Internet. Prior to that, he developed his main professional activities as an architect in the area of industrial maintenance and civil works with his own companies. Some of his customers include the Honorable Congreso de la Nación Argentina, Presidencia de la Nación Casa de Gobierno de la Nación Argentina (Casa Rosada), Fate, Aluar, Nec Argentina, Sideco Americana, Cencosud Unicenter Shopping, Hoteles Panamericano Buenos Aires and Bariloche, Hotel Guaraní Corrientes, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Hotel Intercontinental, Sade Shopping Costa Salguero, Irsa Abasto Shopping, Embassy of the República Federativa do Brasil, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Dutch Embassy, Clínica Bazterrica, Hotel Palazzo Ariete, Bingo Adrogué, Embassy of the Kingdom of Morrocco, Estudio Sepra Peralta Ramos, Universidad del Salvador, Universidad de Belgrano and Universidad Católica Argentina.

Mr. Polito is an Architect graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires de Arquitectura y Urbanismo in Argentina.

Carlos A. Lacú
Director, Consulting Division
Mr. Lacú, age 68, was Business Development Manager for 12 years at Perez Companc Group, one of the largest Argentine conglomerates. He participated of the 1990's privatization of state-owned entities in Argentina in the telecommunications sector (ENTel / Telecom of Argentina and CRT, Brazil) and in power generation (Segba / Edesur, Central Costanera and Piedra del Aguila). Mr. Lacú developed several real estate projects for the Perez Companc Group, among them the Intercontinental Hotel in Buenos Aires and three major shopping centers: Alto Palermo, Buenos Aires Design & Alto Avellaneda and several condominiums (Saint George Village, Plaza). In addition, he developed over 80 business projects in areas such as heavy industries (Mellor Goodwin, EMA, Tubos y Perfiles), computing (Microsistemas), telecommunications (PecomNEC, Telsys) and biotechnology (Biotica). He participated in the generation of the business, in the formation of joint ventures and in the actual takeovers, as the initial general manager and member of the board. Prior to joining the DC&G team, Mr. Lacú was Special Projects Manager of NEC Argentina S.A. in charge of diversifying NEC business strategy in Argentina in the areas of telecommunications and computing. He managed international bids, with the International Telecommunication Union at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and others involving NEC do Brasil. Previously, Mr. Lacú worked 11 years as CFO of the SIDER Group (Techint) managing the operation with 28 banks and 11 financial institutions as counterparprts. Mr. Lacú is a Certified Public Accountant in Argentina and a graduate of Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Universidad de la Plata, Argentina, and a Graduate Degree in International Business and Trade from Université de Bruxelles, in Belgium.

Jorge R. Diez
Manager Information Systems
Mr. Diez, age 59, holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Universidad de Buenos Aires. He served as Director of Computel, a computer design company he co-founded. The company developed several software projects for the lodging and restaurant industry in Buenos Aires. At FLENI, a Neurological Medical Center Mr. Diez was in charge of medical imaging systems and all minicomputers. He also worked free lance in the design of High End Audio and Sound Reinforcement equipment. At DC&G, he has developed proprietary on-line financial software and analytic trading packages currently in use, together with the internal back office accounting system.

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