Pharos Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
A Biotechnology Company wih the DiosaminePatent
We provided Seed Stage Equity for its Laboratory facility in Arizona

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Pharos Pharmaceuticals
, Inc. is engaged in research and development of proprietary therapeutic products for treatment of inflammatory and immunological diseases, with a goal to their commercialization in association with major pharmaceutical companies.

Pharos major asset is its US Patent 5,631,245 for Diosamine, a carbohydrate drug at pre-clinical stage of development. Diosamine is a non-specific immune modulator for therapeutic use that reverses inflammation and improper cell-mediated immunity. ENBDK, another discovery, is a precursor molecule of Diosamine where efficacy is highly dependent on the synthesis of the final compound by the organism of a healthy individual.

The business potential of Diosamine is as an oral drug for the treatment and prevention of inflammatory diseases and improper mediated immunity. The drug should restore to normal the proper functioning of a system in the human organism, treat a common factor of several diverse diseases and deal with hyper and improper inflammatory reactions affecting the immunological system. Its expected clinical uses are as differentiated topical drug for the treatment and prevention of hyper reactions to infectious diseases such as herpes; allergies and autoimmune disorders of the skin like psoriasis, eczema and scleroderma; and trauma related matters such as surgical incisions, ulcers, wounds, cosmetic surgery and burns.

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