DC&G provides the experience and competence found in larger firms to qualified high-net-worth individuals with the attention and expediency of a smaller enterprise. The value of these services for a client's overall portfolio includes:

Superior returns per unit of currency invested.

Low capital requirements relative to return capability.

Key Factors:

Venture Capital
Private Equity

Independent advice based upon proprietary and broker provided research.



Custody of assets at client's preferred institution or per our recommendation.



Fees based solely on performance.



Avoidance of conflict of interests.



Level of risk, use of derivatives & futures and leverage limitations established in advance.



Ability to select from several venture capital deals based on industry preference.



Option to participate in seed capital transactions.

Our Emerging Markets Primary Focus includes sovereign and quasi sovereign debt obligations in hard and local currencies, equities listed in OECD countries to profit from higher liquidity and options and local equities where the country is a pre-emerging economy with profit expectations similar to venture capital investments, but derived from listed securities.

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