PRN Patent for Method of Controlling and Treating Adverse Inflammatory Reactions Aug 18 1997 13:32./PRNewswire/ --

The U.S. Patent Office has issued a patent to Biodynamics Pharmaceuticals, now known as Pharos Pharmaceuticals, Inc., for a diglucosylamine-based product. The composition serves to treat adverse inflammatory reactions. "The product has a broad spectrum of possible applications,and markets," says Zenas B. Noon, Ph.D., president of Pharos Pharmaceuticals. "This is a breakthrough product that will have a significant impact in the medical arena, and on the treatment of adverse inflammatory reactions." The compound is currently in pre-clinical investigations, with a number of ongoing diverse pilot studies. It restores or initiates the normal inflammatory response without any undesirable effects on the other biological systems in the organism. It is not an anti-inflammatory drug that acts as an analgesic, rather, it helps the organisms' own system to control an undesirable inflammatory reaction. The compound aids in the control of inflammatory and auto-immune diseases such as herpes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and allergic reactions, among many others..

The product's dynamic effect lends itself to combination therapy with other drugs improving their therapeutic index, requiring less of the drug and therefore minimizing possible toxic effects. Founded in 1992 as Biodynamics Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Pharos Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., with a branch office in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and primary laboratory in Green Valley, Arizona. Engaged in the research and development of innovative therapeutic products, the company's candidate products for pharmaceutical development focus primarily on controlling adverse inflammatory responses.

SOURCE Pharos Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 08/18/97 /CONTACT: Pharos Pharmaceuticals, 716-442-3404



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